Site History

This website has been around for a long time, and has had numerous different, albeit similar, incarnations. For historical purposes, I have gathered screenshots of most of the past incarnations of this site.


This website's inception. When I began my first foray into the world of HTML, the site was hosted on a company website where my dad worked. I was young, and really had little to say... It was a basic one-pager with a horribly unreadable background pattern.


I finally purchased my own domain name, My website got organized into tabbed sections. I added More content. Tables galore! Apparently tables were the coolest thing ever. Font tags are also apparent everywhere...


A small update in 2002 offered a few refinements, though it is mostly the same, however you will note the very fancy tabs with angled sides. The content was ever changing.


I decided to make radical changes, ditch the tabs, and reorganize with a hierarchical menu. All of the elements have fancy rounded corners. This was done with a lot of png files. It was before the days of rounded rectagles with DIVs. I started using some CSS, but not too much.


Another effort to simplify the design. You will note that there are fewer design elements, no background image, etc. Additionally, an effort was made to utilize more CSS in place of the ancient HTML tags.


After sitting for so long, the site gets a complete overhaull! Everything is finally styled using CSS. It was a long time coming, however I just needed some free time to sit down and do it. I switched from the hierarchical content navigation to drop-down menus.

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