This is a list of links to mostly old software I've worked on. Anything more recent will probably be on my GitHub account.

Javascript Toys

These are little apps/demos built using Javascript.

The LCARS clock is a simple clock and weather viewer using the Star Trek TNG LCARS aesthetic. You can read about building it on my blog.
A reimagining of the classic Amiga Boing demo app using SVG. The rotation is done by color cycling just like the original.
Magic 8-Ball
Eons ago, I made a digital Magic 8-Ball using Bryce, Photoshop, and Illustrator, then made it work using server-side include commands. This is a re-implementation using SVG and Javascript.
Barcode 128 Generator
A simple barcode 128 generator using Javascript and an HTML canvas.
Toastmaster Speech Timer
This is a speech timer made for my local Toastmasters International club. It provides the speaker with a visual indication of when the speech should be completed.
Groups Card Game
This is perhaps a familiar looking card game. The goal is to find groups of 3 cards whose characterstics are either all the same, or all different. The game ends when all the cards are gone.
LightsOut Game
The standard puzzle game where you attempt to turn off all the lights by pressing buttons.
A puzzle game where you try remove all the blocks by clicking on groups of more than 2. This was an exercize in getting familiar with the canvas.
A rudimentary Mandelbrot fractal explorer built using the canvas and javascript.
Tetris clone that uses all possible shapes using up to 5 blocks. Built using Javascript and HTML5 canvas.
Top-down 3D Tetris-style game. It's very much inspired by the old Macintosh game 3Tris/3Wiz! Built using Javascript and HTML5 canvas.
Wordy is a familiar puzzle game where you have to make words by connecting adjacent letters in a grid. Built using Javascript and HTML5 canvas.
Dicey is a familiar dice game where you score points by rolling various combinations using 5 dice. Built using Javascript and HTML5 canvas.
Conway's Game of Life
Conway's classic game of life built using Javascript and HTML5 canvas.
A star simulator that replicates the experience of looking out of a ship's viewport while traveling at warp speed. Built using Javascript and HTML5 canvas.

Old Software

These are the remnents of old software I made back in the OS 9 and early OS X days. It hasn't been touched in years.

Chromium For Mac (v15)
This is a fork of Chromium that fixes some issues that bothered me, and made it more consistent with other Mac applications. I quickly stopped updating it, and switched to FireFox.
MP3 Player for OS 9
This is a nice app that I made in realBasic that started off as a tutorial in the MacAddict magazine.
iChat Effects
These are some iChat effects that I made in my few days of tinkering with Apple's Quartz Composer.
Magic 8-Ball
This was a downloadable program, but is now just an on-line only thing. Check it out!
Free Classic Dockling
For OS X. This program is a dockling that allows you to control, and view the state of classic without going into system preferences.
Ascii Table
This table shows all the character's and their codes in decimal, hex and bin, as well as the html codes. Not really software, just can be handy in that type of situation.

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